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I have a 2001 V70 (non-turbo) and it looks like the rear brake light relay (in the rear electronic module) is going bad. I have read that the replacement relay has part number 8651661 and that I need 2 of them. There is 1 relay in there now.

Has anyone had the same problem and have they had to use 2 relays to replace the 1?


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I believe there was a recall on this:

Recall - Brake Light Relay Replacement
V70 (01-)/V70 XC (01-)
Recall Campaign No.131 Brake Light Relay

Volvo Cars of North America, LLC and Volvo Cars of Canada, Ltd. have decided that a
defect related to motor vehicle safety exists in the rear left and right brake light relays of certain model year 2002 V70 and V70 XC (Cross Country) vehicles. In some cases, the
brake lights may not function when the brake pedal is depressed or may stay on
continuously. In both cases, the high positioned brake light and all other tail lights will
not be affected.

The corrective action will be to replace the brake relay with two relays of a modified

Competence requirement
Volvo Level 1 Technician
Description Quantity P/N
Relay 2 8651661
All affected vehicles must have two new relays installed in the rear electronic module
(REM) as described below.

Removing the original relay 1
Remove the left rear cargo compartment trim panel in order to access the Rear Electronic Module. With the ignition off, REMOVE the RELAY installed in position RMI 5 and position RMI 6 in the REM, which controls both brake lights and the rear fog light as
Installing replacement relays 2
Install TWO new relays, part number 8651661 in the REM positions RMI 5 and RMI 6 as
Verify functionality 3
Verify the function of all brake lights, tail lights, rear fog light, and reinstall cargo
compartment Trim panels.
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