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The headlights of our V70 2000 don’t turn on immediately upon starting the engine. When this first happened a few month ago, it took a couple of seconds for the headlights to come on. After a couple of weeks, the time lag slowly increased to 20 seconds. Then it took up to 45 seconds or more. A few days ago they didn’t come on at all. However, the parking lights do come on.

Here’s some data. The car has 117,029 miles. The antenna ring around the ignition switch was replaced over six months ago, but I don't think it's related to the headlight problem. When the headlight delay problem first appeared, the fuses were checked and they were ok. I bought the large headlight relay (with the numbers 104 and 108), but that didn’t help and I returned it. Then I tried a new headlight switch, but that didn’t help either, so I put the old one back in. Next, I put in a new start switch (on the left side of the steering column). That seemed to help for the first few starts, but now the headlight-on delay has come back.

When the headlights don’t come on, neither do the turn signals, backup lights, or the seat belt chimes. The key ring has no extra keys on it; just the ignition key and the door lock/unlock transmitter.

Any ideas? Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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