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I just bought my first Volvo last Tuesday and I have some questions that you guys/gals might be able to provide some input on.

The car: 1999 V70 XC Turbo I5. 145k on the odometer.

The issue: P0013 with the CEL illuminated. When I bought the car I had a new timing belt and water pump installed before I even drove it home as there was no record of when it was last done. When it went into the shop the CEL illuminated and the mechanic installed a new camshaft position sensor (which the dealer paid for, woot!). The next day the CEL came on again so I took it down to AutoZone to get the code. It showed the P0013 code, Camshaft actuator for the exhaust.
The other issue it does is a hard start. It sputters around until you give it 1-2 taps on the gas and then it starts right up and runs great.

I'm pretty handy at DIY auto repair so I'm planning on doing the majority of the work on this car myself...unless it's a pain in the rear and then i'll gladly pay someone to do it :)

My thoughts so far is that it could be 2 issues...the first being the cam actuator that needs to be replaced (since it just got a new camshaft position sensor it rules that out) and the second being the fuel relay (the one under the fuse box) as I have read that they can be problematic and may be the issue with the hard start.

Sound like i'm on the right path? Would like to get some input before I just start throwing parts at it.
It runs great once it fires up, it doesn't miss, has lots of power and shows no signs that the ETC is acting up.

I took this car on a 1,150 mile road trip the day after I bought it and it ran excellent...CEL on and all. It averaged 28mpgs with it loaded up with 2 adults, the dog, and camping gear. The only issue I encountered was that I had to get a new battery.

Here are some pictures I took while at some of the various stops we made:

Here is the course for her maiden voyage:

I'm extremely impressed with this car and how it performed. This one is going to be with the family for some years to come. It's also nice to stand out in the sea of Subarus here :)
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