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Discussion Starter · #1 · I've just replaced the Front Brg Hubs, all Brakes, Rotors, EBrake Cables, EBrake Shoes, Drive Shaft, R-Front Axle, Brake Hoses, new fluids in the Bevel/Angle Gear and Differential...on my '98 V70XC, 145K. Took it for a test ride - no strange noises...was a good feeling. I took it to a parking lot to do some tight circles and noticed that the rear wheels wanted to "skip/push" like they were either locking up, or the outside wheel would not slip properly (left hand turn seemed worse). But, the more circles and figure eights I did, the less the problem seemed to occur. (There was a crunching from the center of the vehicle sound like the VC would break loose and the "skipping" would stop, or the Rear Differential would break loose and allow the wheels to freewheel?)

The car did have the Drive Shaft out when I bought I was anticipating something other than a bad shaft to be the problem. I do not hear noise from the Bevel/Angle Gear, and I do not hear any noise coming from the rear differential - going straight (slow/at speed). I did not see any fluids leaking from the Rear Diff, VC, or BG. The issue I have is when I do some tight turns, the outside rear wheel appears to "skip/lock up" and wants to push the car forward - noticed this because the parking lot was somewhat ice covered and slippery. (But again, it appears to go away once I've done a few tight turns...).

Anyone with some insight to this issue, or is this typical? (Had a Jeep Cherokee that did the same thing, but it was a transfer case issue.....) It looks like the RRear Axle has been replaced, along with the RFront and LRear...but couldn't guarantee...

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