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Volovo 940 1992

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Volvo 940 1992

Engine stops while driving.
After a few minutes, i can restart the engine and drive the car.
How do i fix this?
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Ahhh..... I've had something similiar to this in my 93 940 B230F. I ended up leaving it up at the mechanics shop for over two weeks and come to find out it was the blasted fuel filter lol. Boy was I not a happy camper when the mechanics *whom have serviced it when it was under warrently and then when it came out of warrently* told me that it looked like it'd never been changed an the car was over 100k miles.

Hope this helps
Thank you!
I also think that the fuel filter needs to be changed.
My pleasure, I hope yours wasn't/isn't cutting out in the middle of oncoming traffic like mine did. That scared me a bit I'll tell ya lol.
Yes it is! And it is very scary.
Also i drive on the slow line, in case i have to pull out of the freeway.
Mr. Power fanatic, do you have the answer or hint about my other posting?
The one with the light brake?
Thank you.
I changed the fuel filter, but that did not fix the problem.
I changed the fuel pump relay and it is working so far.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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