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Volvo 1800 Series

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These are some of my favorite cars…the Volvo 1800 series. They were ahead of their time, especially the SportWagon. Better than a Nomad! Volvo P1800 - Wikipedia Do any of you guys have one?

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Nice car Karl. He is a picture I pulled from the web. You may have seen it.


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I have a 72 1800 sitting in my back yard that is my fathers (right now anyway) I hope to restore it at some point.
Spencer, any pictures of this car? Where are you located?
Karl, how have you been? How does that car of yours drive anywa?
Wow looking great in nice green color and good wheels. Have a enjoyable ride...
Hy , this is oure Volvo P1800, we bought him in Holland and he came from California . We have restored him . Sorry for my bad englisch , i'm from belgium.

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Very nice :)

c'est bon ;)

lekker stuk :D
I've got one, just purchased, under restoration.
It's actually on the homepage of Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery Index Page at the moment. (USA- Orros)

The coolest looking & most well put together 1800 of any kind by far is here:

I've emailed the person but they don't respond... In any case, killer 1800E.

Mine will look like that in about a year. Hella tight.
How can you people can keep cars in such a great condition for such a longer period? I can only guess it.
can i put a wire wheel conversion kit on my p1800 or get wire wheels to fit thanx
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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