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Hello to you all,

First of all, as a newly registered member, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I live in Verdun, Québec, Canada, and I have owned Volvos for the last 40 years (ouch !!!), all of them were acquired used since I never could afford to buy a new one. I am definitely a RWD guy and I do most of my maintenance / repairs myself.

On to a little project for which I would need some assistance. I am currently working on adapting a 240 cruise control on my 1990 Westfalia. The mechanical part is really easy, but I am running into some electrical hookup problems. The module I am using is #3517400 and is the vacuum type. A quick search tells me it is the post '85 type (Cruise control 1986-. Fits: 1986 Volvo | In fact the production date on the PC board is July 21 1988.

Here is my problem: I have electrical diagrams for both the pre and post '85 types, and photos show the servo installed in the engine compartment and actuating the butterfly pulley directly. In my case the servo was inside the passenger compartment and acted directly on the gas pedal. Electrically, the pre '85 controller has 12 wires, the post '85 has 9, but mine has 11. Connection to the servo is by 6 wires on the pre '85, but only 3 for the post'85 and mine.

I searched the net and the various manuals I own for hours, but no schematic I have found shows an 11 wire module. Most of the wires are already connected (servo and control switches), but the hints I have managed to find do not allow me to accurately determine where the other wires go. I am left with a black wire (most likely the ground), a grey-red wire (with a female spade connector at its end, possibly 12V supply), an orange wire (terminated by a female connector and coming out of the loom that goes to the control switches, so possibly for speedometer pulses), and finally a blue-red wire that forms a cascade of 2 small 2 contact connectors and ends with a combines male-female spade connector (almost certainly for brake and clutch pedal switches).

That's it!

I would really appreciate if anyone could give me any cues or supply an electrical diagram for that model.

Thanks in advance!
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