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volvo 740 wont start

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Hi everybody,i am new in this forum,so let's get to the point.I have a 1985 volvo 740gl authentic swedish with the b230 engine but i live in greece.This spectacular machine has 267000 km on it,i want your advice please one day i was trying to start it with the ignition,the ignition was working but the car was not starting,i pushed it with the second gear and somehow it started and this was a way to start it for several days and then one day it did not start at all,without ignition and without pushing too.The ignition and all the leds of the dashboard,radio and lights were working fine.
We went to a local village electrician, i was there for vacations,but this electrician didn t know anything about it and randomly said that it needs new ecu.they had sent me a used ecu from sweden,tested and the car was not starting again.the new ecu was making the same noise at the fuel pump as the old one.I observed that power isn t reaching the coil and the distributor,all the fuses on fuse box were fine and i also changed the fuel pump relay.They also sent me a pulse cable that it fits somewhere under the gearbox as they told me but the electrician didn t find it.Do you know something about this cable?can you please help me because i believe is something simple.
thank you very much.
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I thought the crank sensor was a common problem such as this or the injection relay.
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