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Volvo Debuts New Racing Car Based on Environmentally Friendly C30

GOTHENBURG, Sweden — Volvo Car Corporation announced that it is developing "an entirely new racing car" based on an E85-fueled C30, abandoning last year's racing car, the Volvo S60.

"The C30 is a far more logical base as a racing car than the S60," said Derek Crabb, head of powertrain and engine at Volvo Cars and the head of Volvo's racing department. "The C30 clearly demonstrates Volvo's environmental technology available on the market."

The C30 is slated for a three-year development program and will compete in the Swedish Touring Car Championship.

Despite saying, "It is currently too soon to provide any detailed information about the construction of the new car," Volvo released a considerable number of technical details about the C30 that is bound for the track. It uses a standard C30 body, developed in collaboration with Caran and reinforced by a safety cage and side-impact protection on the driver's side. Aerodynamics include a front splitter and a rear spoiler wing developed by Polestar in Volvo's wind tunnel.

An aluminum transversely mounted 2.0-liter inline-5 delivers 288 horsepower at 8,750 rpm and approximately 170 pound-feet of torque at 7,300 rpm. The engine is linked to a six-speed sequential gearbox with straight-cut gears made by Hewland. Other details include 17-inch BBS wheels and 17-inch Michelin slicks or grooved rain tires.

What this means to you: The compact C30 overtakes the more cumbersome S60 as Volvo's new darling on the racing circuit.
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