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When my 2005 S40 got to 250,000 miles I wanted a badge that would show it, but Volvo stopped making the 250K badges years ago. A quarter million miles is a major milestone after all. So instead, I had these decals made up in colors to match the badge. The idea is, (and I’m assuming you already have the 200,000 mile badge installed) to put a 300,000 mile badge on your car when it hits 210,000 miles and apply the “21” decal over the 30 in the 300,000. Then every next 10,000 miles you get to add or swap out another decal. (Make it a family ritual/event or something.) Then when the car gets to 300,000 miles you have a major celebration where you get to remove all the decals to reveal the pristine 300,000 mile badge in all it’s glory. (And get back to me if you want to start with a 400K version.)

What I'm selling is ONE brand new 300,000 mile Volvo badge and ONE strip of stickers. The other badges in the picture are just an example of how they can be mounted. As for the stickers, you have to cut them apart for each pair of numbers, then peel the backing before applying, just like license plate decals. And do note that the blue color match won’t be absolutely perfect between the decal and the badge. Same for the numbers, which are silver on the decals and chrome on the badge.

Price is $20 delivered in the U.S.A. Paypal OK to [email protected]
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