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Well it's in good company! Porsche, Audi, is the article for anyone interested.

Volvo's first SUV was based on the unibody platform shared with the S80 luxury sedan. The 2003 XC90 was a five-door wagon on stilts, offering unusually generous ground clearance for a car-based SUV. Built with crush-resistant boron steel, it was an urban assault vehicle and quickly became Volvo's bestselling model.
But here's the thing: Despite Volvo's sterling reputation for longevity (like the Swedes who built it), the XC90 has displayed some disheartening mechanical problems, including frequent failure of the automatic transmission tied to the T6's 2.9 L turbo six. The replacement cost will take your breath away.
Owners most commonly reported fast-wearing brakes and tires that can scarcely last 50,000 km, thanks to the XC90's unflattering heft. There's no shortage of other headaches: short-lived wheel bearings, suspension components, half-shafts, fuel pumps, batteries, air conditioners, bad turbos and wonky electrical faults.
This isn't (IKEA billionaire) Ingvar Kamprad's trusty wagon.
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