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Volvo S70 GLT 2000

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I have just purchased a 2000 S70 GLT. If anyone has tips or suggestions the information would be much appreciated. The car has 33K miles and is in excellent condition. One previous owner who took great care of the car. No mods, completely stock. There is a sticker on the owners manual indicating a 10 year or 200K mile warranty on the electronic throttle module. Is this part of a Recall or some other maintenance coverage on this year and model? Please give any input you feel could be helpful. I am considering some upgrades to the car such as an intercooler and if there is an improved air intake system/air filter system. Is the oil & filter change easily done at a home garage? Thanks
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You will likely notice a difference (even in the stock air box) if you replace the stock air filter element with one of the cotton/oil ones from K&N filter. They cost a little more than a stock replacement filter, but they flow more air and they can be cleaned, reoiled and last 'forever'.
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