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Hey guys and girls! My name is Jon Mason, and I'm a Volvo Tech at Bobby Rahal Volvo in Wexford, Pa. I'm new to the forum scene but if anyone has any questions just let me know! thanks
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s40 clutch

ho jon, nice to meet you. im having a few concerns about a noisy clutch. i have a new shape s40 2 ltr diesel and its noisy.
its runs lovely, no clutch slipping but when the clutch pedal is depressed it makes loads of noise. i know diesel engines are more likely to make noise but i was kind of thinking it was maybe the clutch plate begining to wear or even a problem with the flywheel. car has 76,000 so its done a few miles.
any help or things to look for would be a great help.
diesel huh? you must not be in the US i dont think you can get a diesel s40 here. im not sure if the trans is the same as the one hooked up to the petrol engines but usually when we hear noise either its the clutch spring, the bearing, or the friction plates, i've seen a few of the volvo clutch packs just explode and leave parts everywhere. like i said im not really sure if the trans is the same as the ones we have here but that would be my best guess.
thanks jon,it just kind of confirmed what i was thinking. it could last a week or years, who knows? and yes im in uk, i kind of forget that we seem to prefer the diesel over here.not sure why though as the s40 diesel really goes well.
anyhow thanks for the help.
Volvo diesels arent available in the US except for Semi trucks. I dont know why we dont have them, it would be great. oh well i hope i helped!


Welcome, I am new here also.

I have a 2008 volvo s60 AWD and I love it. I have a question if you would be so kind. I cannot get a staright answer on this so maybe you can help.

Is there a new safety feature on the later 2008 and the 2009 volvo's that would make the hazard indicator light on my dash light up all the time execpt in the daylight hours. It does so in my car. I have asked the salesman at my dealership and they have no idea why. I asked the service manager and he gave me several answers none of which makes any sense.
Is this a new feature or is the service manager giving me the runaround?

I did have the Garmin Nuvi installed in the car and questioned whether the tech could have crossed a wire or some other explanation. He introduced me to the tech who installed the garmin and they tried to convince this is a new feature in the newer models, and it has something to do with the auto dimming mirror feature. I am confused.

The easy question would be do all 2009 volvos have the hazard indicator light up all the time that the ights are on, or is my car the only one?

Thank You for your help

I posted this qustion already and nobody has tried to answer it
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I thought that I posted a response to your question but I guess not. Can you tell me if this is coming on automatically at dusk and goes off automatically at dawn? Is it on when your key is off? The hazard indicator light (triangle on the dash) should only be on when activated. I think you are getting the run around.


Thank you for your response. It Lights up when the key is on and of course when the car is running. Maybe it does it during the daylight but I cannot notice.

This is the same service manager who told me on my 6500 mi checkup that the reason they did not check any of my levels (coolant, winshield washer, break fluid etc) was because I waited for my car insted of dropping it off to be serviced. Becuase I was waiting they wanted me to be in and out as quick as possible.

What a bunch of B.S. this guy sems to be a master of spin control.

If I can't trust them to do a simple oil change and check fluid leves, what is going to happen when I need them to perform something more serious?

Are there any other Volvo dealers where you live? I would go to another dealer or at the least call a dealer in another area to get their feedback on the hazard light. This isn't a normal function. The light should not be on all the time and they need to warranty fix it.

Let us know how it works out.
added info

Just so we are on the same page. When I press the hazard indicator to activate my hazard lights it works properly. It flashes as it should and my hazards work.

When I start my car or turn the key on it lights up and stays lit the entire time I am driving (not as bright as when the flashers are activated) but bright enough that I can dim my interior lights with the dimmer control and it will dimm as well. I knew this guy was blowing smoke up my A_ _.

When they installed the Garmin the had to cut into the top of the dash, I have a feeling that may be the cause of this somehow.
I'm not a Volvo mechanic, but I downloaded the manual and it indicates that you would activate it. I've also never seen an emergency light that stays light all the time. I would go look at another car in your area of the same year and model. The dealer probably has on on his lot. If not, go to a site like or, search for your make, model, and year and just go look at it. I'd also consider contacting another dealer even if it is out of the area and call their service department to ask them if that is a normal function.

Let me know how it goes.
Ok I have an UPDATE here on this issue. I called my local Volvo dealer and spoke with the service department. They told me that that hazard light does indeed stay luminated all the time. Strange, but for what it is worth I'm getting the same feedback you seemed to have gotten.

Hope this helps.
Hi Jon, I'm new here too. My 2007 V8 S80 radiator failed and allowed glycol to enter the transmission. The trans was shuddering and vibrating at 1400 rpm in lower gears. Then we replaced the radiator, flushed the lines, and flushed the trans w/new fluid. After driving about 1,700 miles, the car still shudders and vibrates, although much less than before and now at 1,100 rpm instead of the 1,400 seen previously. My question is, since glycol got into the trans I assume the trans now has some damaged and compromised clutch discs, etc and should be rebuilt or replaced. This occurred within my extended warranty period and Volvo Cars of North America has told me they don't think a replacement is necessary. My local dealer agrees with me that the trans should be replaced due to damaged internals. What is your opinion regarding the glycol contamination and damage caused internally? Thanks.
Hi, I am new to site. But, I have a 1991 740 Volvo, I smell gasoline and car shocked off a few times.

Glenda (Alabama)
Thanks. Welcome to the forum . I am a car fans but know little about cars .so hoping we can communicate something about cars here or share
Xc90 question

Hi Jon! I just joined and posted an introduction with a question about my xc90. I am wondering why the red button in the center of my dash that is used to turn on my hazards is lit up sometimes. I have only had the car for 2 weeks and don't know if it is normal or if it is trying to tell me something. Thank you!!
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