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Good day everyone, my name is Juan Ramírez, from Panama, I´m a Volvo owner, fist a S40 2.4 2008 from Agency, replaced by an XC90 2.5T AWD R 2014, probably the last one in Panama before the new 2015 arrived and a Project Car XC90 2.5T AWD 2007 that it has been regleted all around but all mechanicals run great.
So cut to the chase, there is this Volvo V40 T4 crosscountry 2013, with 7000 Km on it that it´s been in a car crash, I wonder if it is worthed to buy, the right front Wheel is gone, I will asume the air bags went off.

I´m sorry, there was no way I could upload the pictures, so here is a link of Dropbox.

thank you all
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