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hey all,im new to the site.
my names Jesse,and i am a fairly new owner of a volvo V70 2000 non turbo front wheel drive.
the PO did not take very good care of this car since the spark plugs looked like they were the original ones that came in the car,the car and engine has 125,000 miles on it.

my problem is this,after running fine last night and starting with full power when i turned the key,this morning i go to turn it and it makes a clicking sound,followed by the dash board lights blinking.
i pop the hood and the sound does not seem to be coming from what i think is the starter.
i have taken and included a video so maybe someone on here can determin the sound and help me.

also i live in C.O. and the weather is cold,altough ive had no problem starting it in 10 degree weather i thought id just ad this.

video link
MOV01735.mp4 video by dressedingreen0313 - Photobucket
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