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WARNING, dont buy from

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Hi, mi Name is Daniel, i bought some car parts from volvomotorsports,turbo,connecting rods, piston and much more.
the owner Terry ****, he is a thief, dont ever buy from him, i payed 2100 american dollars, i live in Ecuador-South America.

you kan look the web page, its a very good webpage, but be carefull, you never gonna see your car parts.

And i dont know what to do, kan somebody help me

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i pay with paypal, but after 45 days they dont give your money back
I would always suggest a credit card. Paypal is usually pretty good about protecting the consumer. I would try to file a complaint with paypal.
Pay with CC and you can dispute it with the card company. The card company will force the business to make good or refund your money.
Or if all else fails, get in touch with the better business bureau. They will fight right along side with you to get your money back or parts.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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