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Weird VIN plate !!!

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Hi everyone,

Just bought a 68 P1800 and I have a very funky VIN plate ...
Have you guys see anything like this ??? I looked into 544 or other model but nothing makes sense ... not even color numbers or upholstery numbers ...
any idea why ??? :confused:

The chassis number and body numbers make sense but that plate is a total mystery to me ...


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Scroll down half way for a similar plate;

\Volvo Amazon Picture Gallery
Hummm ... interesting page but still doesn't decode this VIN ... I just don't get it even the S-code is completely off ... the guy who did this one must have been completely drunk ...
In those days all you got was a serial number. I had a 1964 122S wagon with the unforgettable serial number "9377". You could tell what it was, and it was white. Wish I coulda taken it with me to use forever. The only number I ever knew that I never forgot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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