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What diagnostic tool you use on your car?

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Make a survey, what diagnostic you use on your car? Just as a reference to the people who is interested in DIY diagnosis. Below are a few questions.

-The tool you use and your car
-good or bad to use?
-do you want a new one
-where you bought it

I am the first
Mine is FGTech Galletto 2-Master, I think many people have heard it before.
Quite good, Galletto 2-Master is the only tool which comes complete with cars, bikes and trucks.
Current not want a new one
Buy on a B2C website FGTech Galletto 2-Master
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I bought a Vida/Dice Diagnostics from Ebay for $155.00
I can't install the setup disk because it has an error on it and wont install.
Anyone have a copy of the disk or know how I can get a good one please reply to me.
i always buy some from
it is a good web for obd2 tools and auto diagnostic tools
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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