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What is this? 2020 XC60

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After watching it for a long time, I am also a little curious about what is the use of this?

I just checked my 2020 XC60 Momentum T6. I have never noticed them before as I am usually driving......hmmm.....Looks like they could be an attachment area of sorts for??? Check the owner's manual again. I'm curious so I'm doing that now.:)
The car has two sets of these. One lateral to the rear passenger seat and the other two in the trunk area. The storage section of the manual appears to list at least one seat of these to help secure a rear cargo net. The images show are very imprecise. Not sure why a cargo net would need attachment in the ceiling area next to a rear passenger. Hmmm.......
It’s a headache net. The net attaches both to the floor and to the ceiling to catch any cargo-turned-missile in the event of a crash.
I agree with Tambo. Ive not used them but think they secure this:


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They are also attachment points for pet barriers, like this.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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