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Last year i bought my very first Volvo V70, and I dont know how i could live 30 years without it :)

But, lately I have been looking for some new wheels for the car, and this search brought something else to my attention. Im actually not sure what model I have. Because its listed as a V70 D5 AWD from 2006. BUT it has "Cross Country" written on the rear end.

As far as i know, the V70 XC was replaced with the XC70 in 2001 I think. It has the same look as a normal V70. No plastic bumper, no lift, V70 side mirrors and everything. It IS a V70, but how can it say "Cross Country" on that back?

I just bought some XC70 wheels size 215/65/16, and they are BIG for the car. A little too big, and this is where it came to my attention, that my car has nothing to do with a XC70 as far as I can tell.

I search the web like crazy to find out how it could say "Cross Country" on the rear, and the only thing I could find was a Danish wikipedia saying that there was made a V70 XC model in North America which was almost identical with the XC70. But I havent fint anything that support this.

Its obviously not a deal breaker for me not knowing whats up with the text on the rear, but still :)

Does anyone know why what kind of car I have?
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