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So, I'm going to be checking out a few old volvos (140's and 240's mainly) later on today, in Long Prairie, MN. Since the owner is the owner of a Volvo repair shop, and a Volvo guy, I don't think he'll try to hide anything from me - he seemed pretty open to telling me all about the cars' problems over the phone.

But anyways, it's still a good idea to go into it knowing what to look for, so what are some common problems and things to look for in Volvo 140's and 240's? (Mainly looking at an '83 240 Turbo and a '73 140). Also, since this is really my first time seriously checking out a car, I'm only 16 :p, any general advice would be cool too.


Oh, and I'll make sure to take some photos when I check them out tonight so you guys can hopefully help me make a decision :)

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Here's my list of possible issues that I check for when looking at a used 140/240:

1) The subframe by the front driver's and passenger wheels
2) The sway bars, bushings and stabilizer on the rear wheels
3) Engine mounts
4) The trunk under the carpet
5) Wheel bearings
6) Wheel wells
7) Make sure the odometer actually works
8) Make sure that the overdrive works
9) The floors

That's all I can think of off of the top of my head. Make sure that you go hard on the brakes at least once. The weight of these cars means extra wear and tear on the brakes and rotors.

Good luck with your purchase. Is this your first time buying an older Volvo?? If it is, you won't be disappointed!!
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