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My wife and I have a 2012 Volvo S60 T5. We had it at the dealership in Late September, 2017 with 107,500KM on it for an Oil Change and some other stuff. The invoice said they put in 6l of 5w30 Synthetic. This past weekend (4.5 months Later) with 114,200KM on the odometer, I put in almost 4l of 5w30 Synthetic to get to oil back up to the indicator on the dip-stick. Now I don't see any oil leaking or blue smoke, but the oil must be going out the tail pipe, right? Any other options for its disappearance? Is this a common problem with T5's (although I thought this was Volvo's most reliable engine)? Is the best way to verify the problem getting a compression check on the engine? It drives well enough and is not missing everyday performance. You would think the sensors on the exhaust would give some indication that there is a combustion problem.

Any direction/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance...
Brian Young
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