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I am looking at buying a 145 wagon, however it needs work. I know for sure it needs new brakes and a new fuel tank, and I'm sure there is plenty more it will need but my question is, where do you find parts for these? junkyard? swap meets? online? I would prefer close to if not new parts, after market is fine too I just don't know what will fit on this car, or do I swap hubs and what not with a different car that has aftermarket support?? also what about the fuel tank? do I just fit a fuel cell or is there one made for this car out there (not on eBay or junkyard but actual new parts being made for it)

I am okay with doing fabrication work if I have to but I'm just curious as to if I have to or not cause I'd prefer not to cut it up and put random parts from different cars in it if i don't have to (I'm not a purist but I'd hate to cut stuff and weld new stuff in from different cars if I don't have to)

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.


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