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Which V60 to pick?

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I need some sound advice, as a Volvo C3o SE LUX driver, I love my car and all her features. However the time has come to look for a bigger car for the family. We found the V60, to be honest I never thought I would see the day my wife wanted to buy/drive an estate. She's in constant denial about getting older. She fallen in love with R-Design of the v60 for obvious reasons. Myself I still like the comfort of the extra trimming associated with SE Lux. The problem I test driven a lovely high spec R-Design, front and rear cameras, DAB, Sat Nav, Lane departure and Blind Spot etc.

I spotted a similar model, but lower spec and price v60 SE Lux, so more to my current car driving. Don't get wrong I love my gadgets, but I also love my comfort, such as leather seats not available in R-Design used car.

I have been recommended by the dealership to forgot 1.6 diesel in a V60 and look at the 2.0 spec, due heavier car.

1) Should I choose the R-Design for the high spec and forgot about the leather seats?

2) Should I buy a 2.0 engine over 1.6?

Any advice would be very much appreciated, I apologise for the long post. I have a lot of options to think about. :):):)
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