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I recently traded in my wife's 01 V70 T5 after owning it for ~ 9 years. I loved the performance and versatility of the car but the reliability left a lot to be desired. I am a big DIYer and did did not like the fact that I was constantly a the dealers mercy (I also own a 98 M3 and a 99 Mercedes and the only trips to the dealer are for parts:D).
I sort of regret the decision and wish I had kept it for myself. I am looking for an earlier V70 that's a little more DIYer friendly and little less expensive to keep up (I don't do transmissions and I was told it would be $4K).

Anyway I was hoping that you could suggest the best year for the V70, as far as reliability and DIYer friendliness (works with VIDA) is concerned and still has decent performance.

Thank you in advance,
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