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Winter tires/rims

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Wondering if anyone can give me their experience with putting winter tires/rims on a Volvo XC 90 (Inscription). I just had Yokahama Icegaurd 275/45R20's installed on DRAG aluminum rims and I don't feel any problem with them. We had 21" Pirelli's on Volvo rims, and of course they feel a little different being 20" and being winter tires but my wife is saying the car feels entirely different and feels like a cheap car now. I've always felt a slight difference when putting winter tires/rims on any car I've owned and its no different here, to me. Tire pressure is OK. They don't vibrate at 120Km so balancing is good. Is my wife being overly sensitive here or should I have gone with a better tire/rim ?

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