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Xc 90 possible transmission problems

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Hello all! I am trying to get a quick understanding of the problems for the XC90 SUV transmission. I have an 2004 and up until recently it had been running ok.
It had what I called a "cold" and the engine would do this weird flutter. I took it to Dyer and Dyer in the ATL and it was diagnosed being the flame trap box. I would have had the service done there but they were horrible.
I took it to another shop in Macon and they could not find the same problem. SO now the the shop in Macon(Volvo dealership) is saying it will be $700 to fix one problem that is/was causing $1,600.00 problem.
This is my first Volvo and I bought it because of the safety, durability and low maintenance.
The $1,600.00 issue was diagnosed initially at the Macon dealership and it would be a 2-3 day repair as oil is leaking under the rear seats and so forth. When I spoke to the shop manager; he said this is rare to see. SO I was hoping Volvo would pay for the defect.
No go, so I am trying to understand if this is all connected to a transmission issue that Volvo does not want to pay for and they are knowledgeable that this is the case.

Can someone help, the SilverSurfer, possibly the Fantastic 4!!:D:)
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