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I was out yesterday car shopping and have come down to the XC60 or the Audi Q5. The Q5 is a nice machine and only a few thousand more than the XC60.

The real problem is supply. Neither is readily available, especialy the FWD XC60. I perfer that model for the much improved mpg's as my wife and I ravel to Florida 5-6 times a year. 2010 is the second model year for the Q5 and they are still selling ahead of delivery to the dealer.

I have never owned a Volvo before but have owned a couple Audi's. Volvo's warranty us far superior but the seems the Volvo car tends to depreciate a bit faster than the Audi. Am I wrong here?

I have some hesitation buying a first year model car. General Thoughts or insights to Volvo's dependability and design quality?

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Welcome Tom! I was born and grew up in the Cincinnati area! Personally I wouldn't buy a car brand new off the show room, they all depreciate too much. I'd go with something maybe a year old with factory warranty remaining. I think the quality of the Volvo is strong these days. I'd recommend test driving both with the comfort level that they will both perform and maintain well.
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