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Does anyone have a list of programmable options for the XC60 that the dealer can implement?

For example, in Europe, holding down the unlock button on the remote opens all windows; in US it does not. Is this programmable by the dealer?

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The P2 cars introduced with the 99 S80 had (have in the case of XC90 and S60) quite a variety of "progamable" features which could only be done when the car was hooked up to VADIS or VIDA. One could switch off DRLs, alter unlock strategies, adjust time on of follow me home lamps, etc.

Starting with the P1 cars (MY04.5 S40/V50, C30, C70) some of these features moved to the "menu" function found in the center console. P3 cars (MY07+ S80, MY08+ V70/XC70 & XC60) also have a menu function in the center console. Each model year, more and more programable features are added to this function.

The XC60 menu function allows the user (driver) to adjust the following:
DRL (Daytime Running Lamps): on/off
Turn signal: auto 3 flash or not
unlock: drivers door then rest or all at once
unlock/lock receipt: lights flash or not
Rear window defroster: auto on below 45 deg.F or not.
Approach lamp: 30/60/90 second duration
Follow me home lamps: 30/60/90 second duration
Etc. There are more but I cannot remember them all.

NOTE: most functions in MENU cannot be changed if the car is moving.
So, with the car stopped but ignition on or engine idling, you can scroll through the vehicle menu functions and alter many features to your heart's content. Note: there are different menu functions depending on which function is in use. E.g., when using the bluetooth phone, hitting menu gives you functions related to the phone. Same for Audio, etc.

There is always a function in Menu which says: Reset functions. Puts it back to the factory default setting.

There may in fact be certain programable features on XC60 which can only be done at the Retailer with VIDA. I have asked our techs to dig a bit to see if anything is left that can be done only by the Retailer tech.

Good luck!
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