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I have a 2016 xc70 (original owner with regular maintenance) with about 90K miles that had a radiator leak. The shop doing the work suggested that at this mileage that the thermostat, hoses, and electric water pump should also be replaced. Everything seemed fine and then all of a sudden it overheated. I Pulled to the side and parked and came back a few hours later and all was fine. Happened again, took it back, they checked it over 6 ways from Sunday, and no faults found. Volvo wanted to pull the head with no signs of coolant out the exhaust, oil in the coolant, or coolant in the oil and I said no - but I did buy an OBDII reader for Volvo. It happened again last night and the interesting thing is that for 15 minutes or so the Electric water pump RPM was 5900 when running, 2000 when idling or right after the car was turned off. Then, it suddenly decided to work normally and the engine temperature dropped back to normal, the pump ran at 1600 RPM, 875 at idle or when turned off. Is this a faulty water pump or is there a bubble in the coolant, or is there something else going on? Thank you for your wisdom
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