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I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to what I did today where I turned on the seat warmer of my 2004 XC70 (bought new) and I smelled a burning electrical/chemical smell, then within moments I felt my leg burning. I turned off the seat warmer and my seat remained scorching. I completed my short drive to drop my son off at school, windows open and left leg off of the seat, and when parked realized that the mechanism had caught fire and cinged a 2" burn mark on my seat as well as puckered the surrounding area of my leather seats. The smell remains to remind me of this very scary drive which could have been simply tragic.
Please let me know if anyone, in any model Volvo has experienced something similar. I am curious how Volvo handled it and if there is a trend in the seat warmer models experiencing this. Thank you - Drive safely everyone!
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