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XC90 T6 Petrol 2.9cc - year 2003 - mileage 90K

Hi folks,
Bit of a strange starting issue that we have - has anyone had anything similar and how did you rectify?

The first starting fault was that the car took a long time to start - about 2 minutes attempts to start - also showing error 'Reduced Engine Performance'.

We took it to a local Volvo specialist & the garage read the code as 284:ECM-5200 Engine Speed (RPM) sensor. Signal missing, B6294T - and they informed us that normally this meant that the ECM would need replacing (£700) but they didn't think this was the case. So they have insulted & shrink wrapped main sections of wiring loom to help with interference problem from surrounding circuits and wiring looms and run in a new wiring loom to ECM.

They also replaced the starter motor which had a bolt missing.
The car would then start first time every time.
Total cost £1300.

Now 2 weeks later we have a situation where the car will start first time in the morning but NOT when it gets hot - it now takes a few minutes before the engine will fire up!!

Any ideas? suggestions welcome - thank you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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