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XC90 Vibration--- Car only 5 months old

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Hi everyone, a newbie on this forum. Appreciate your help and guidance in advance. :)

Bought a 2012 XC90 R Design in September and have been pretty happy with the car, minus a few minor issues. However, within the last 1-2 months husband and I noticed a very annoying drone type noise that fills the car along with a steering wheel vibration. This only happens when the car is on and idle, regardless if in park, neutral, reverse or drive - but when car is not moving... does not matter if the engine is cold or warm. The steering wheel vibrates and the vibration drone type noise can be heard. If you add a little gas the noise dissapers, only does it at a certain RPM is my guess.

I have taken the car twice to my local Chicago dealer and first time they said it could not be duplicated. I then called Volvo Customer Service and had the issue escalated - they brought in (or at least told me they did) a senior tech and Volvo's final response is that this is a characteristic of the car and is considered normal and is not an issue.

It is interesting that while I had a loaner, another XC90 with 5K miles on it, the car did the same vibration noise, although much less. After husband drove the car for 2 hours home one day (terrible snow storm in chicago and major traffic) he said the noise was gone but then did it again the next day.

The car did not do this from the beginnig, only the last 1-2 months, drove okay for first 3 months. I am very upset and want this vibration noise gone. It is stressing us out so bad that we waited and saved for a new car for a long time to have issues with it from the beginning. The noise is definitely not normal and should not happen on a luxury car.

Any advice or help appreciated. What parts do I get the dealer to replace? If you have had issues like this - please reach out. This needs to be fixed, unacceptable behavior by Volvo trying to say it is not a problem.
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