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rickrios 03-31-2017 11:18 AM

2008 XC90 tailgate lock actuator stuck in lock position
The tailgate lock actuator is dead and stuck in the lock position. This model year does not have the cable inside to manually unlock and open the tailgate. I have exposed the actuator but cannot figure out how to open it. I called the dealership and they said that in these models you have break open a plastic panel (the whole thing plastic) to expose the cable to open it. Does anyone know where this panel is as there is not apparent panel that I can see. I don't mind breaking something off since the part is dead and needs replaced anyway. I just can't figure out how to unlock/open the tailgate. Any help is appreciated.

Paul1963 03-27-2020 04:28 PM

Check that the handle on the hatch is not pulled back and staying back and nit returning to its resting position
The rods it uses as the pivot point rusts and can hold it in the open position
Spry the rod down from under side of handle and let it soak while flipping the handle with your fingers

I had the same problem on my Volvo XC 90 and every six months or so you got to get back in there and spray it again the rods made out of a crummy metal that it should’ve been stainless steel but it rusts in the plastic handle binds on the rust and it won’t release it this may very well be the problem because I found that it wouldn’t unlock and it was getting sketchy sometimes it would sometimes it wouldn’t PB blaster or arrow Croyle even WD 40 if that’s all you have will work but this stuff dries up very shortly and the problem will return let it dry a bit for a few days and then spray it with a white lithium grease and they should keep it from coming back I hope this solves your problem for you

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